TCU faculty breaks down Hamilton

By Bethany Narvaez

Founding Father Alexander Hamilton worked to set up the framework for the U.S. Constitution, a TCU history professor told NE students Sept. 16.

Hamilton believed the U.S. needed a strong national government, Kenneth Stevens said during his Constitution Day: Alexander Hamilton presentation.

As Secretary of Treasury, Hamilton envisioned a U.S. based on manufacturing, industry and factory labor, Stevens said.

The first system of government under the Articles of Confederation gave power to the states but was not sustainable. Hamilton called for a national convention and helped persuade people to ratify the Constitution by contributing to the Federalist Papers.

“We have the oldest living constitution in the world today,” Stevens said.

Before starting his political career, Hamilton worked as a lawyer and later joined the Army during the American Revolution. George Washington appointed him to be his senior aide. Credit for the victory at Yorktown is largely attributed to Hamilton, Stevens said.