Mayer shows most personal album yet

By Raegan Scharfetter/se news editor

With seven Grammy awards under his name, John Mayer is certain to win even more with his new soft-rock album The Search for Everything.

After his last album, Paradise Valley, debuted in 2013, Mayer took a break from the spotlight and for good cause — The Search for Everything is an anthem for anyone with an adventurous heart or an evolving soul.

Throughout the album lies a revolving theme of the stages and stories throughout life. When it comes to expressing the feelings one endures in the midst of changes in each and every form, Mayer nailed it.

The album begins with his first single, “Still Feel Like Your Man.” It’s a classic story of a broken relationship that has not yet hit reality on one end. But with an upbeat rhythm tied to it, the song seems a little less heartbreaking.

Although this album has a completely different route of execution than Mayer’s previous albums, select songs from The Search for Everything sound similar to songs from Continuum and Born and Raised. That allows it to seem a bit repetitive, but when one is making hit songs since the early 2000s, that is bound to happen, right?

Mayer ends the album with “You’re Gonna Live Forever in Me,” a slow, calming melody with, yet again, another story that will bring out any emotions a person has been hiding.

This is Mayer’s most personal album to date. Highlights from this album include “Love on the Weekend,” “Changing” and “Moving On and Getting Over,” all signifying the album’s deeper meaning of change.