Making TCC great again?

  • Under Trump, new policies threaten groups of TCC students

    Restroom controversy closes doors

    By Hannah Lathen/ managing editor

    Restroom policies are subject to change through federal and state plans.
    Peter Matthews/The Collegian

    For NE student Ollie Tausch, his weekdays include waking up and feeding his dog and cats. He later goes to his part-time job and then comes home, does homework and goes to bed.  Continue reading

    Travel ban puts strain on students

    By Jason Middlebrooks/ south news editor

    South student Shames Alaesa said Trump’s ideals harm Muslim culture.
    Jason Middlebrooks/The Collegian

    SE Muslim Student Association president Nashat “Nash” Qashou is a normal 20-year-old marketing student who wishes to open his own agency one day. When he is not going to school or studying, he spends time with his friends and family.  Continue reading

    Deportation threat scares immigrants

    By Isabelle Zhu/ reporter

    Mary, a NE student, woke up at 5 a.m. She held her back, got off the bed and walked to the kitchen. She put strawberries, a banana and Greek yogurt in the blender to make a smoothie and then made pancakes for her husband, Jose. After breakfast, she cleaned up the table.

    Student Mary and her husband Jose anticipate the arrival of their baby. Jose is an undocumented immigrant, and they live every day in fear that he will be deported back to Mexico.
    Peter Matthews/The Collegian

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    Women face health care defunding

    By Katelyn Needham/ editor-in-chief

    Women’s access to health care is threatened by Trump’s proposals.
    Suzann Clay/The Collegian

    NE student Hannah Israel takes four classes at TCC 9 a.m.-7 p.m. every Tuesday and Thursday and works at Chili’s on Monday and Friday.  Continue reading