Counselors give advice to correct bad choices


By Michael Foster Sanders/ reporter

When thinking about the choices made in life, the mindset that people develop is influenced by their environment and upbringing, which affects how a person make decisions, two NE speakers said April 5.

Real Talk: Keys to Bouncing Back from Unwise Choices informed students how a mindset about making unwise decisions comes about and how people can correct and change their decision-making.

Matthew Taylor from counseling and Michelle Taylor of student activities gave students experiences from their own lives to help understand why having positive surroundings helps with positive decision-making and choices.

Financial choices play a huge part of financial success because poor spending and borrowing could cause financial ruin early in life.

“Tables of credit card companies were at my college,” Matthew Taylor said. “I signed up for my first credit card in college because it came with a free T-shirt. Immediately, the card was maxed out. I had a part-time job, so I would only pay the bare minimum toward the balance and after a couple of payments I realized that I could’ve paid the balance off at least five times.”

Personal relationships came up next and the way those connections affect mental well-being and health.

“If you’re striving toward your goals and you’re personally happy doing things that you really want to do but those people around you don’t support you, are those your friends?” Matthew Taylor asked.

The two let students know that hanging around positive people and being around positive things helped change their mindset, alter decision-making and also contributed them to becoming a couple and getting married.

NE student Priscilla Cuellar found the event helpful and educational.

“It’s good that they give you advice on how to make decisions that can help with your life with growing and thinking,” Cuellar said.