Campuses provide multiple job openings

By Bailey Garrison/reporter

Job opportunities are available at TCC for students on all campuses.

Plenty of positions are available for students to apply for each semester, according to Linda Braddy, NE Campus vice president for academic affairs.

“There are student jobs available through various departments on campus, and students can contact the department chair to find out what is available in any given department,” Braddy said. “For example, the mathematics department hires students who are qualified to assist in the Math Emporium, and the science departments hire students to assist in the labs. In addition, our supplemental instruction program hires students who are qualified to tutor their peers in various classes.”

NE students can also contact Andrew Rodriguez about student work-study jobs available through the financial aid office. Work-study positions are up to 12 hours per week and pay biweekly. Students who apply through FAFSA and qualify can earn money to assist with tuition and other educational expenses.

“The best way to find a work-study or student assistant position is through our job site, College Central Network,” NE career services coordinator Stephanie Rettig said.

Rettig also helps students find employment to supplement their income.

NE, along with the other campuses, also holds several job fairs each year to promote career opportunities within the campus and community. Job fairs are designed to help students find career opportunities in their fields.

The college will have a districtwide job fair March 28, she said.