Talk shows how to maneuver issues at work

By Landon LaPenna/reporter

Students were taught life lessons in difficult workplace situations April 2 on NE Campus.

Wells Fargo early talent recruiter Kit Cam spoke to TCC students about handling various differences in a work environment. Her overall message was “to move forward, you must communicate,” meaning people from different backgrounds can work together and the best way to handle it is to “focus on goals.”

Cam also addressed the issue of handling a situation by confrontation. She gave examples from personal experience, saying that she likes to think of it as a “carefrontation,” which means a problem is addressed by motivation to “create a win-win situation.”

Toward the end of her speech, Cam allowed students to share stories and add comments on work-related situations in addition to asking for feedback. Afterward, Cam said that looking “at feedback as a privilege” will not only keep things positive, it will lead to further success through experience and reference.