Speaker gives tips to cope with stress

By Keishonda Sherman/reporter

With finals approaching, TR students attended a seminar April 25 to learn skills to deal with the challenges of stress.

TR counselor Mandy Melton broke down all the elements of stress from the effects on the body and emotions to how to embrace it.

“You never know when stress is around the corner, so being proactive is my message in order to be preemptive enough to help yourself,” Melton said.

She created her own version of the TV show Mythbusters by exposing some fabrications of stress and what it does to people. Melton said stress is always bad, is the same for everyone and cannot be avoided.

She explained what stress is and what happens to the body, cognition and emotions when people face stress. Stress is a state of mental or emotional tension, resulting from demanding situations, she said. The body becomes exhausted, drained and even at a higher risk for illness.

“Immune systems can be affected,” Melton said. “You can be nervous, and emotionally, we can experience an emotional roller coaster.”

Cognitively, people could have difficulty concentrating, memory problems and poor judgment. 

Melton offered students study tips to help them cope with pressures of taking finals and assured them there are ways to balance work, school and play.

“Exercising, meditation, journal writing, walking can really reduce the stress level to be relaxed and confident when taking final exams,” she said.

These activities can slow down the racing thoughts, so they can make better judgment calls in all aspects of their lives, Melton said. She also encouraged students to speak to a qualified health practitioner like a counselor when they are struggling.