Road rage incident leads to assault with firearm

By Kathryn Kelman/editor-in-chief

TCC police are investigating an aggravated assault with a firearm reported Aug. 27 on South Campus. 

According to assistant police chief Chanissa Dietrich, based on what was reported to officers, the incident started off campus as a possible road rage incident, and the victim was followed onto the South Campus by the suspect. 

Once on campus, the victim stopped her vehicle and approached the suspect’s car to find out why he was following her. At that point, the suspect opened his door and pointed a gun at her. The suspect then drove toward the campus’ Lot 1 or Lot 2.

No injuries or gunshots were reported, Dietrich said. 

The suspect in question is described as a black male, possibly in his 30s or 40s, with short hair, a possible goatee and mustache and was dressed in a white T-shirt. He was in a white minivan, possibly a Chrysler Town and Country with a sliding side-entry door. He had a black pistol. 

“This is an active investigation,” Dietrich said. No suspect has been identified at this time. 

A warning email was sent out the day after the incident occurred, which detailed why the offense was deemed an aggravated assault. 

In Texas, intentionally threatening someone with imminent bodily injury is an aggravated assault if a person uses or shows a deadly weapon, such as a gun, during the incident.

In the report, TCC police also encouraged people to remember to be courteous to others while driving. 

“Even if you are obeying all of the rules of the road and someone gets upset with you, remain calm and give them plenty of room,” they wrote in an email. 

Should a person feel like they’re in imminent danger, TCC police suggested they call 911 when possible and give the dispatcher the direction they’re driving in as well as a description of the cars involved. 

“Attempt to find a safe place to pull off the road like a police station, fire department or public area where other people are around,” they stated in the report. 

Anyone with information should call police at 817-515-8911.