Dressing right for future jobs

By Katherine Maciel/reporter

Career services helps students choose right clothes for job interviews, workplace

A presentation informed students of the differences between dressing casual and smart casual as well as the importance of knowing how to dress when it comes to job interviews.

NW career services administrative assistant Manuel Herrera explained the differences during the 20-Minute Career Cafe: Dressing for Work.

 Smart casual for men includes dressing in a nice polo, slacks and nice shoes versus casual being a T-shirt and jeans, he said. Smart casual for women includes fitted slacks, pressed blouse or long skirt.  

 “I think students are confused and think that business professional is the same level for every job they apply for,” Herrera said. “But what we don’t know is what kind of business casual are we going for?” 

Students who are in doubt of what to wear can walk into the office prior to applying to see what other workers are wearing, he said.

“Appearance is very important in an interview, but there is such a thing as too professional,” he said. “You don’t want to wear a suit to work to a construction job.”  

Marine Creek High School student Nallely Ibarra attended and was unfamiliar to the differences in job attire.

“I learned a lot; I’m barely finding this stuff out,” Ibarra said.

Marine Creek High School student Daisy Castelan said the presentation was “helpful.” She said she learned both how to dress for an interview as well as for the job.

Student development associate Dalton Doss said students can also just ask if they are unsure if they are dressing appropriately for their job.

“If you ever feel like you are out of dress code, just go ask HR at the company where you are employed,” he said.