Faculty gives help to stressed students

By Daniel Sanchez/reporter

The NW advising and counseling department treated students to care packages Feb. 25 in preparation for midterm exams.

NW counselor Becky Herrera said that the packages are beneficial to hand out during stressful times.

“If students are running late and need a scantron, handing them out will be a big help and lift some weight off their shoulders,” she said.

A typical package contains a scantron for exams, a snack, water bottle, pencils, index cards, highlighters and a pack of gum.

“Finals week is more stressful,” Herrera said. “So, giving them out then is even more beneficial at the end of the semester.”

NW student Adrian Mendez said it was a nice thing to do during the midterms.

“It can definitely help those that have anxiety and hopefully make them feel relaxed when they feel that things are piling up,” Mendez said.

He noted there could be a few changes with the contents of the packaging.

“The index cards were a little random, and a little coffee pouch can be added on to the stuff that is already there,” Mendez said.

It motivates students to keep studying when times may be tough, NW math instructor Amanda Whisenant said.

“It encourages them to get after their assignments and will keep them focused while juggling work and school,” she said.

The care packages let students know they are cared for by the faculty, she said.

“It definitely shows that students are valued enough to where they do not have to worry about midterms and finals,” she said.

NW student Ashley Drexler said she was grateful for the package, and its contents were just fine.

“I needed a scantron, and fortunately, one of the packages had it,” she said. “And so, I was relieved that I didn’t have to go the bookstore.”