Human complexity, emotions fuel play

Photos by Shekinah Toro/The Collegian
South Campus theater students practice lines for a funeral scene for the play Roads, which premieres April 4 and runs through April 6 in the SPAC theater.Photos by Shekinah Toro/The Collegian

By Jade Myers/campus editor

Death, dating and everyday life are explored in the South Campus play Roads, which premieres April 4.

The one-hour play consists of four short stories about the complexity of human relationships and how people deal with routine situations.

For example, one story deals with the tedium of getting something done at the DMV, a relatable experience for many.

The production contains drama, poetry and comedy. In each story, the actors play different characters, and poems are performed in between.

South students Rodrigo Murillo, Keely York-Mora, Marlena Reagins and Danielle Davis make up the cast, and South drama adjunct instructor Richard Haratine is the director.

Photos by Shekinah Toro/The Collegian
South students Rodrigo Murillo and Marlena Reagins rehearse a scene as a couple trying to rekindle their romance for the production of Roads on South campus.Photos by Shekinah Toro/The Collegian

“Most all of it is situational between people trying to communicate and to live or learn to get along with one another,” Haratine said.

How people handle different situations is something people can relate to, he said. The play is not for kids but is aimed for all the ages above.

“Human beings, even though we spend a lot of time on our phones now, we still have to talk to people face to face from time to time,” Haratine said. “And so I think that’s always going to be a particular challenge and something that people will be able to relate to with this show.”

Davis has been in four TCC plays, and Roads will be her last.

“It’s a very interesting play,” she said. “It will make you laugh if you need a good laugh.”

Rodrigo Murillo is in most scenes in some capacity.

“I think it’s [a] really funny piece that has different things for everybody,” he said.

Along with the stories, the student actor York-Mora will sing one of the poems.

April 4-6, 7:30 p.m.
SPAC 1101

Tickets are free for TCC students, faculty and staff;

$3 for non-TCC students and senior citizens; and $6 for general admission.