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CD Review-Elan: Together as One

CD Review-Elan: Together as One

By Isaiah Smith/entertainment editor

elanElan, former lead singer for the Wailers, has released Together as One, his debut solo album.

After singing Bob Marley’s lyrics and music for years, Elan has set off to pursue his own vision as an artist.

“ Everything happens for a reason, and I have one word to describe my whole life—fortunate,” he said in a press release.

“ When I was first with the Wailers, I’d wake up every single morning thinking, ‘Oh, my God, I can’t believe I’m singing with the Wailers!’ and then I realized, ‘Wait a minute! It is because of God,’” he said.

God-given or not, Elan has a modern twist to his reggae that is exactly what the radio market is primed for currently.

“ Girl,” featuring Assassin, is an obvious choice for a first single.

This reggae dance music will rock the top 40 and burn up the clubs nationwide—Elan will be a radio sensation with the right single choices.

Gwen Stefani is featured on the track “Allnighter,” the best bet for a second single.

Elan sang with Stefani once before on the song “Slave To Love” on the 50 First Dates Soundtrack. 

The duo rocks it again with a sweet, techno, video-game sound that Elan compares to a modern day “Summer Lovin’,” from Grease.

Elan met No Doubt in 1997 when the band went to a club to see the Wailers perform.

He especially became close friends with No Doubt’s Tony Kanal, executive producer on Together as One.

The album has a relaxing, Caribbean-club vibe.

Modern reggae deserves an artist this good; the genre has been languishing in recent years, but Elan is a star.

“ Feel My Pressure” is a sexually charged track which would make a great third single, for the clubs mostly.

Elan uses the lower register of his vocals a lot on this track.

This song would dominate the top 40 if released because the radio sucks right now and this stuff is edgy.

Elan has a softer side too, for the ladies. “Do Right By You” is a love song with upbeat, reggae-pop beats.

Declaring how his lover makes it easy to do right by her, Elan really shows his emotional side on this track and any female fan would love it.

This island-techno approach is unique.

Elan has a sound all his own, and he has definitely stepped out of Marley’s shadow and proved he is more than a stand-in with this solo album.

“ Don’t You Go,” featuring Tami Chynn, has an interesting clicking fade in the background; Chynn’s vocals also add something extra.

The title track “Together As One” is a soft love song with a simple, acoustic-guitar providing a lot of the backbeat.

Elan has a raw, emotional tone on this song.

This dude could probably break the American market wide open if he dropped the baggy, rapper attire and sexed up his look.

The right music video with “Girl,” “Allnighter” or “Feel My Pressure” would get this guy major exposure.

With Justin Timberlake fixated on getting some “sexy back,” Fed-Ex disappointing the music community at every turn and Jack Johnson still rocking that same note, the radio needs a non-rocker male vocalist.

Elan is just the right kind of performer to grab a fan base who wants good music from a great singer and polished personality.

I see great things from this man who has lived too long in the background.

Overall, Elan has mastered the Caribbean, video-game, techno sound. I give Together As One five stars.

Here’s hoping Clear Channel gives Elan more than five minutes of airplay so he has time to catch some buzz.

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