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Taking COVID-19 seriously means everyone must stay home

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April 8, 2020 | Armando Gomez | reporter


The key to flattening the curve is social distancing, proper

No one can make a student take COVID-19 seriously, that’s a personal decision. But if the question is whether or not students need to take it seriously, the answer is “absolutely yes,” a NW counselor advised.

When reports of teenagers and young adults frolicking on beaches during the recent spring break began to surface on social media, it appeared that young people were not taking the COVID-19 crisis to heart.

“Take this seriously by staying inside and staying away from people,” NW counselor Brentom Jackson said. “Follow the guidelines from local government and the CDC and stop watching internet sources and conspiracy theory programs.”

Jackson explained how students can practice social distancing.
“Social distancing is where millennials and Generation Y will shine,” Jackson said. “If you really stop and think about it, we have been practicing social distancing for a while with the advent of social media and delivery apps. So think of it as your regular social networking but taken to the extreme.”

Jackson suggested that students hop on Skype or Google hangouts with their partner or friends and try to push “play” on a Netflix movie at the same time so they can watch it together from a distance.

NW kinesiology administrative assistant April Miske warned against close contact with others and stressed that the “shelter-in-place” order enacted by Fort Worth is temporary.

“Students should not go in cars with other friends and don’t go in people’s homes,” she said. “Actually, obey the order and realize it is only temporary. This will end, and we want to be part of the solution, not the problem.”

Jackson said to prevent the coronavirus, students should wash their hands with soap and water, stay at home as much as possible and go get tested if they show any symptoms.

“Students can prevent COVID-19 by applying the principles that have been repeated by a number of sources,” he said.
Miske said it is very important to be isolated in a closed room if you have tested positive for the coronavirus.

“It is important to place yourself in a closed room, hopefully with access to your own bathroom and keep your medicine in your room as well as bottled water and clean clothes,” she said. “Keep your own dishes and silverware for food also. Take your temperature often and go to the doctor if your temp still won’t go down or you feel like you can’t breathe.”

People can get tested in public health labs, private clinics or hospitals, but they need to have a doctor’s order to be tested for the coronavirus, so that means they have to call a doctor first, according to the Texas Tribune.

Miske advised students to stay busy with school and to go outside to get physical activity. “Get up every day, maintain good hygiene, get dressed every day too,” Miske said.

NW student Joseph Alfaro is worried about the COVID-19 situation as it has done damages to society and the economy.
“People are losing their jobs and in turn could also lose their homes,” he said.

Alfaro is also worried if one of his family members gets infected by COVID-19.

“I am most worried that we cannot pay our house payments, and we will lose it,” Alfaro said. “I also worry that my family becomes ill and there’s a potential chance it could be fatal.”

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