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Viewpoint-My voting choice is not your business

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Rudy Martinez
social media coordinator

I am private about my political views. Is that OK with you?

Social media has evolved to give every person with a log in an online platform to speak their mind, share life experiences and announce their political views. 

As a social media consultant and manager, the responsibility of upholding a true platform is far greater than an individual social media account. 

Although my personal social media accounts have a “platform,” I chose to keep my political opinion to myself and not shout it from the rooftops, like most people.  

Politics is not about being socially accepted and keeping your followers online. 

It is about the future of this country, hardly an unsolicited opinion to stay relevant.   

This chaotic presidential race has separated the two-party system with exterme bias and by having non-objective thoughts.

Scrolling through socal media  I’m bombarded by individuals proclaiming “if you don’t share the same views as me, unfollow me!”, “don’t speak to me if you’re voting for …” or a phrase I have seen and heard: “fuck Trump!” 

As a moderate, I understand both sides of the argument, but I do not understand the civil war between the two parties on social media.

Politics can be a very touchy subject, but why are we cutting friends out of our lives because they choose to vote for one party over the other? 

Or worse, people have begun to name-call, shame and threaten others over a disagreement. 

How are we united if one person cannot simply share their opinion without getting some type of backlash?

I’d rather have a civilized face-to-face conversation about politics than post on social media and get hate or even praise for my views. 

For that reason, I chose to keep my opinion to myself until an opportunity opens up to have a meaningful conversation where both sides can learn from each other. Not a simple headline.

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