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Game Station Review-New gaming console lives up to the hype


Photo courtesy of Sony Interactive EntertainmentPlaystation 5 is Sony’s fifth console in the gaming market. The console has had the
most successful lauch of all time.

Sony’s Playstation 5 is the most sought after video game console of this holiday season.

Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a shortage of consoles was going to be on the menu. But what was not expected was the abysmal pre-order debacle that caused a great number of systems to be bought by resellers and scalped for triple the cost.

But is the hype warranted for the next generation in the Playstation brand of gaming systems?

In short, yes it is.

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room, which is the massive size of the consoles. It doesn’t matter if you chose either version of the system, it’s going to stand out in any entertainment set up, and sure to be a conversation piece whenever company is over. The only complaint is the jarring white color of the system which is due to its size.

Hopefully Sony will offer different color replacement shells for the system, but early adopters lucky enough to get their hands on the console have been customizing their own shells to fill that void.

The system user interface feels next generation and less clunky and than the Playstation 4 UI. Functions are broken up into tabs. For those who love backwards compatibility, your PS 4 games are listed in alphabetical order separate from the PS 5.

The system set up was quite easy as well. After downloading the Playstation app and signing in to their Playstation Network ac-

count, the user only has to scan the QR code provided on their gaming screen and their preferences are downloaded in a matter of seconds.

Sony has decided to forgo their traditional Dualshock line of controllers and take the evolutionary with their new Dualsense wireless controller. They stuck with the same tried and true button layout they’ve used for the past 20 years, but the new controller is bigger and sleeker.

When testing the controller, it feels comfortable for long gaming sessions to prevent controller fatigue, and that’s a major plus.

The included title with the system is Astro’s Playroom, and this game showcases all the features of the Dualsense controller such as the haptic vibration that Sony decided to go with instead of the rumble features of the Du- alshocks of the past. The player will feel the wind blow or rain falling, immersing them further into the gaming experience of their choice.

Backwards compatibility is great with the system from the PS 4. Games will more than likely get a performance or graphic boost, and this was evident with the title Days Gone. With the PS 4, the title suffered slowdown when it came to hoards of zombies attacking the player. Playing it on the PS 5, I didn’t see those dips in performance.

The Playstation 5 is a must-have system, but if it cannot be found in stores, wait until more stock is available and don’t feed the scalpers.

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