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Student organizations adapt to an online world


Screenshot courtesy of TCC Club Rush
District Club Rush introduces students to organizations, motivating them to join.

Many of TCC’s student organizations are experiencing challenges with their transition to the virtual world. However, for some, there are silver linings.

Connect organization Beta Chi Zeta is concerned with a lack of student engagement said public relations officer Ingram Brueck.

“We struggle somewhat with engagement,” she said. “Especially right now, we’re having a hard time connecting with new and current members as everyone is struggling with the new normal we live in. We are hoping that utilizing our social media will give us an opportunity to connect amidst the pandemic,” said Brueck.

Similarly, NE organization Psi Beta is struggling with student engagement with no current new members for the semester.

“Psi Beta experienced struggles such as low engagement, low new members, finding ways to connect, and finding ways to participate in our community like we normally do,” said Oliver, vice president of Psi Beta.

While there is no shortage of complications, for some student organizations the introduction of the virtual world worked out in their favor.

NE Library Book Club acknowledged that without the virtual setting, they may not have had a chance to even exist. The club was presented with the opportunity to open when campus services were forced to transition online in March 2020.

A common effort among all the organizations is acquiring new members and keeping them engaged and interested throughout the semester, especially for those who are not accustomed to the online environment.

NE Library Book Club uses their technology resources to resolve this concern and reach out to students who may struggle with the virtual platform.

“Engaging users of the club who may not be entirely comfortable using technology requires us to reach out to users who are unsure of how to access the club and assist them however we can,” Library Specialist Samantha Kayem said.

TR student Katie Moore regularly participates in weekly meetings for the Student Government Association. For Moore, online clubs have an advantage in flexibility. However, she feels that she would participate in more clubs if she were on campus.

“It’s really important to get involved to make long lasting connections,” Moore said. “Especially with depression rates on the rise during COVID important to not feel so isolated.”

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