Viewpoint – Loving yourself can be important life lesson

By Michael Foster-Sanders/campus editor

Loving yourself is one of the greatest abilities a person can possess in life.

When people know how to love themselves, they will develop a new perspective on life and happiness, and go to great lengths to make sure they’re not affected by petty issues.

It can keep them from making bad decisions, spreading negative energy or taking on a false persona to fit in with people who don’t have their best interests at heart. 

Taking a look at the world through all forms of media and in real life, it seems like self-love, control and respect is waning with people.

Suge Knight, former president and co-owner of Death Row Records, was sentenced to 28 years in prison from decisions he made as a grown man. He was a college graduate and a successful businessman but wanted acceptance from a street gang who extorted him so he could hang around them. 

Since then, he’s been on a downward spiral with death and bad luck following him like a smell from a cheap cigar.

Social media is also a factor in not having self-love or seeking validation from other people in the guise of likes and follows.

Just go to your favorite social media app and, without fail, you will see what people will do for notoriety from provocative pictures/videos, pranks, violence and bullying, all to get approval from someone they will likely never meet.

How can this issue of lack of self-love within the world be resolved?

The first thing people need to do is remind themselves of their self-worth. They should realize that it doesn’t come from other people’s likes from technology or even acceptance by people in real life. Self-worth comes directly from inside of a person. 

If a person is holding onto a traumatic event, try to talk to someone about the situation. People have to heal before trying to build their confidence back up.

Remember loving yourself and respect is the foundation that your temple is built on.