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Nolan returns with wild spy-fi home run

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Photos curtesy Warner Brothers PicturesJohn David Washington stars along Robert Pattinson in Nolan’s return to the big screen with “Tenet” leading audiences through a time twisting adventure.

Christopher Nolan does it again with his new film, “Tenet,” centering around a CIA operative tasked with the daunting mission to balance the future and the past to prevent World War III.

The film opens up with a bang, throwing the audience right into the action and the pace doesn’t stop throughout the entire film. This international espionage action-packed
thriller has the audience on the edge of its seat.

“Tenet” starts by introducing an unnamed CIA agent, also known as the Pro-
tagonist, who is on a mission to protect the Ukrainian National Opera House from for-
eign terrorists. This mission proves to the CIA that the Protagonist’s duty transcends national interest because he sacrifices his life to protect the identities of his teammates. The Protagonist, played by John David Washington, is then tasked with a mission to save the world from an unknown threat.

On this new mission, the Protagonist is briefed on a new kind of weapon, inverted bullets. Essentially, the inverted bullet reacts to what happens to them. These inverted weapons could affect the past, which the CIA thinks is indicative of World War III in the future. The weapons affected by inversion are a big question mark to not only the audience but the main characters as well because they are manufactured in the future.


Washington takes on the role of Protagonist along side Elizabeth Debicki as Kat in
Christopher Nolan’s new movie “Tenet”. Here they take a ride to meet the villian.

The inversion is an interesting element that leaves the audience with a lot of ques-
tions. This inversion theme also shows the backward element to the story showcasing
the confounding paradox of the future and the past affecting each other and vice versa. The presentation of the inverted sense of time through the cinematography is calculated and impressive.

The editing, done by Jennifer Lame, is precise and adds to the film by making the action more intense. Numerous flashback scenes are embedded perfectly without taking away from the conversation.

Any action-packed thriller can have tons of fight scenes but this film does it better than most. The sound mixing of the action scenes adds to the intensity and creates an element of suspense. Subtle sound effects intensify scenes, but the use of action music is unparal leled.

Several big-name actors with immaculate portfolios make the film more entertaining without taking away from the central conflict. The actors play off each other and match each others’ energies with their lines.

Washington gives an impressive performance as the Protagonist, highlighting the character’s complexity. He showcases his softer side by caring for Kat, played by Elizabeth Debicki, but yet doesn’t lose his tough CIA exterior. It’s hard to believe he doesn’t work for the CIA in real life.

CIA operatives are often portrayed as heartless and tough, but this film shows there is more to people than just what they do. Washington as well as the incredible screenplay provides a compelling and relatable character that makes this film’s intricate plot more entertaining. The relationship between Kat and the Protagonist and how they rely on each other to stay alive adds some genuine humanity to the film.

The beginning of the plot is quite confusing and leaves the audience with many questions. All the action happens quickly and the scenes pile together. However, halfway through the film, a twist answers all of the audience’s questions. For the first tentpole release since the pandemic began, this is a must-watch film for anyone interested in spy-
fi, time-twisting, or James Bond-like movies. Nolan boasts an impressive reservoir of films,
and “Tenet” is the icing on the cake for his portfolio.


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