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Music Review-Pop genre redefined with Mendes’ music

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Shawn Mendes releases fourth studio album titled “Wonder” that takes listeners through the course of a relationship. The album is a smash hit.

Shawn Mendes proves to be a lyrical genius with his fourth album titled “Wonder.”

At surface level, the album seems to be yet another pop album with catchy tunes and beats to dance to. However, Mendes proves that pop music can be so much more with his new concept album that depicts all phases of a relationship.

Each track on the album takes you through a separate point in a relationship.

By the end of the album, the listener feels like they have just witnessed an entire relationship from start to finish.

The first track, “Intro,” provides an “outside-looking-in” perspective. The track intro- duces the album with beautiful slow piano chords. They build into an electronic explosion that enters the listener into an almost dream state. This minute-long opener provides a beautiful introduction to the musical masterpiece the listener is about to experience.

The album is full of lovey-dovey tracks that exemplify Mendes’ feelings for his sig-

nificant other. “Higher” describes the honeymoon phase of his relationship with lyrics like, “As long as we’re together, no, I can’t get much higher,” and, “Let’s stay like this forever.” His feelings progress immensely in the next two songs where Mendes’ smooth tone describes the relationship advancing at warp speed. The slow “24 Hours” describes the moving too fast element and then the sexually-charged “Teach Me How To Love” balances the act out with some incredible harmonies and jazz tunes.

The next two tracks describe the separation of Mendes and his significant other. Several of the songs on the album begin relatively slowly and then pick up into a danceable beat. “Calling My Friends” is a perfect example of this. “Dream” is one of the best songs on the album with its piano chords and acoustic elements making a truly poetic song about miss- ing his lover. This song makes listeners feel as if they are entering a dreamscape.

“Song For No One” is one of those songs that makes you overthink, as it is about Mendes’ sorting through his feelings. The tambourines included in this track make for a more interesting musical experience. Additionally, the riffs in this song truly showcase how incredible Mendes is at singing.

“Monster” brings out an interesting side of the album because of the collaboration with Justin Bieber. The hip-hop lyrics Bieber contributes balances the album overall but also exemplifies perfectly the metaphor behind the song which is the fighting aspect of a relation- ship. It is all about forgiveness and the beat is perfect for dancing.

Shawn Mendes’ showcases songwriting ability through new concept album. The
tracks include jazz elements, smooth riffs and emotional lyrics.

“305” and “Always Been You” are the more loving songs on the album that are chock full of Mendes describing his feelings and affection for his lover. They are both charming songs similar to the style of past Mendes albums like his self-titled album. “Can’t Imagine” and “Look Up At The Stars” are the slower songs on the album. They still have a groovy beat behind them that makes them enjoyable to listen to.

Jazz is a huge element of this album that brings out the meanings of the songs in a significant way but also makes the songs rhythmical. And the drum solos make “Wonder” substantially different from other pop albums.

Mendes’ tone and vocal control bring out the emotional meanings behind the songs that make the musical experience all the more effective.

The album is melancholic and beautiful, providing some incredible tunes to add to your winter playlist. Mendes’ songwriting abilities are showcased in his ability to nicely pull the metaphor of “Wonder” together.

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