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Editorial-Trump has to relax thinking he is great

Amber Davis/The Collegian

President Trump will go down as the most divisive president in history. But to say he didn’t do anything positive would be a lie.          

He made people comfortable with being themselves on social media.         

People found out their friends from throughout the years social media posts showed  how they felt about immigration not knowing if their friends’ parents came to America in search of a better life.         

To the naysayers who say racism doesn’t exist or America is the land of the free, four videos will prove that theory incorrect.  

The first is a video of a police officer being scared of a Black man who was complying at a traffic stop. 

The next is of a Black man being hunted like an animal. Another video shows a Black man with an officer’s knee on his neck for eight minutes and 46 seconds. 

The last is bodycam footage of a no-knock search warrant. 

All these show how Black lives mattered as much now as they did in 1652. 

Not worth a damn penny. 

Now go to those social media comment sections where these videos are located. A person is going to see the vilest comments about a person’s life being extinguished because of the privilege that one may think they have. 

“They should’ve complied.”  

“Why was he running?”  

“Time to take back America.”  

These and all other idiotic comments show that America psychologically is in a bad place. 

Domestic terrorism is at an all-time high. Talks of civil war if Trump loses the upcoming election, and bodily harm or cause by counter-protesters to movements whose sole purpose is to heal America from the sickness that it began to suffer from since that so-called guy discovered it in 1492.   

A plot was uncovered last week to kidnap Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer by 13 domestic terrorists who pledged their loyalty to the current commander-in-chief due to his criticism of her and his verbiage with his Hitleresque call to arms. 

The plot was to bomb a place to divert law enforcement to another location while performing a siege on Whitmer’s vacation home to capture and hold her hostage until their demands were met.  

If that was not a 1990s Michael Bay summer blockbuster,  that’s the climate of America in 2020. 

The only way American will finally be great is for the majority of the American people who support Trump to wise up, and realize he doesn’t care about them either. 

They’re being used as a pawn in his game with the haves and the have nots.

Thank you, President Trump, for everything.

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