Music Review-Big Bricc: Journey Through the Lower City

By Cody Daniels/reporter

Photo courtesy Big Bricc and Pop Headwear
Photo courtesy Big Bricc and Pop Headwear

Canadian artist Big Bricc’s first solo recording, released Nov. 15, is a passion-filled, emotionally charged mixtape.

The recordings that were only supposed to release bottled thoughts gathered from life experiences ended with Journey Through the Lower City, an album that draws the listener intimately close and makes one hear what Big Bricc represents. All good music regardless of genre is poured directly from the heart and soul. It’s clear all the album’s 16 tracks meet such criteria.

“The music on this mixtape was conceived through my love for hip-hop and the desire to continue pushing the limits of my creativity,” Big Bricc said. “I speak of my own personal issues and focus less on the global state of hip-hop.”

Generally, the album keeps within the boundaries of contemporary rap but refreshes listeners with a more classic sound. Big Bricc keeps true to his roots, validating the legitimacy of his lyrics.

The album begins with a two-minute introduction song with a backtrack that harmonizes the flow to create a feeling of rising above life’s hardships. It’s simple but refreshing.

The next three to four tracks keep the same pace and vibe just long enough to be enjoyable. Backtracks and beats are lined with brass instruments and a simple but popping drumbeat. None of the songs sound as if they were murdered with auto-tune or robotic drum machines.

“Early in the Morning” guides the listener through slight mood changes in the music with more reverberated, saturated and calmer backtracks.

The final track before the outro clashes the two main feelings of the mixtape: to engage war with modern hip-hop artists and convey Big Bricc’s dislike of the fake modern artists who are in it for the wrong reasons.

Journey Through the Lower City is a powerful, modern twist on classic, real rap/hip-hop. The songs tell a story. The rapping is good, loud and intelligible. Rap fans who enjoy the genre the real way will love it.