Students, faculty to present ‘unique’ piano showcase

By Chase Metivier

After class, students can take a lunch break and attend a NW Campus music presentation March 28.

NW is having its first piano ensemble recital of the semester 12:30-2 p.m. in WFAB 1105.

The piano faculty conceived the idea and brought it to music associate professor Eddie Vandewalker, who has been in the music profession for 30 years.

The event will showcase the piano in a unique collaborative way, Vandewalker said, and he hopes the audience can see that uniqueness.

“[The audience can see] the many facets the piano functions as, whether it’s accompanying a singer or instrumentalist, or how exciting it is to hear two people playing two different pianos at the same time or the piano with the organ — all the exciting ways in which the piano can contribute to music,” he said.

Vandewalker said although he does not yet have a song list, a range of genres will be performed from classical to popular music. He also believes people will find some songs they enjoy or do not enjoy.

“If students sit through a song and believe it is boring, the next one won’t be,” he said. “Students will find songs that are familiar. Some students may like it. Other students may not. That is what music is all about.”

Both students and faculty will perform in the piano ensemble. Since the time frame is in the works of a class period. Vandewalker said students can bring a lunch and take a break before their next classes.