Mindset, attitude lead to student success

By Aayanna D. Fonseca/reporter

Near-perfect study skills and understanding which learning strategies work best for students can help them achieve anything while in college, a NE academic advisor said in a speech Sept. 18 on NE Campus. 

Carey Miller held a workshop for students and conducted a learner’s test to help students identify what kind of learner they are such as visual, auditory or kinesthetic. 

“No way of learning is more important than the other,” she said, “because everybody is different.” 

Miller elaborated on each specific learning category and what may or may not work for each type of learner. 

Kinesthetic learners would prefer to actively participate in discussions or use direct movement while visual learners would require using symbols and drawings to further their understanding of the course materials.

She highlighted that each student is unique in how they perceive information. 

NE special services coordinator Ronda Isaacs introduced the acronym GRIT, which stands for growth, resilience, integrity and tenacity. 

These four terms will determine students’ overall success while they’re attending college, she said. 

“I think it’s great for us, as students, to be reminded that   having the right mindset can      go a long way in being successful,” NE student Linda Polasek said. 

Students will inevitably face obstacles in their academic careers. Simply changing habits and focusing on how to solve problems with a growth mindset can alter the outcome in any situation, Polasek said. 

“It’s the process of the struggle,” Isaacs said. “The struggle   is what will give you wings to soar.”