By Jamil Oakford/managing editor

Event to focus on women’s contributions to campus’ history

The history of women on South Campus will be at the center of the Treisha Light Women’s Symposium and Luncheon March 1.

This marks South’s main event to usher in Women’s History Month and gives those in attendance a chance to hear various voices and experiences.

But this year’s event was prepared with a different focus in mind, said Lindsey Light, South history instructor and event coordinator.

The 2016 keynote speaker Mattie Peterson Compton addresses the audience.
The 2016 keynote speaker Mattie Peterson Compton addresses the audience.
Collegian file photo

“We’re trying to tie the symposium into South’s 50th anniversary,” she said.

The campus celebrated its half-century birthday last fall, and this year’s symposium panel, keynote speaker and presentation will pull from five decades of women contributing to the campus’ culture and history, Lindsey Light said.

The Women’s Symposium is a campus tradition started by Treisha Light, the former coordinator of Women in New Roles.

The symposium has been combined with the luncheon as a way for those in attendance to further contribute to something positive.

The luncheon costs $5 for students and $7.50 for nonstudents.

“The contributions from the luncheon will go to the Wanda Hill Memorial Scholarship,” Lindsey Light said. “We’re able to provide a summer scholarship for those students through this event.”

She said she wants those who attend to look at South and realize just how rich its history is with women.

“I hope they can walk away knowing they’re [women] important to TCC’s history and that the history of TCC has helped shape the community,” Lindsey Light said.

Treisha Light Women’s Symposium 

and Women’s History Month Luncheon

9:30 a.m.-2:30 p.m.

in the SSTU Living Room

and Dining Room

$5 for students, $7.50 for nonstudents