Speakers tout communication skills

By Yela Durian/reporter

Good communication ability, both oral and written, is the number one skill employers look for, a speaker said during the employment workshop Marketable Skills on NW Campus Sept. 26.

NW career services coordinator Tracy Williams also advised students in the workshop to know how to identify research that matters.

 “These are things you should always consider and have basic knowledge on,” Williams said. “Employers are looking for these kinds of skills.”

NW administrative assistant Manuel Herrera, student development specialist Cassie Fennel and Williams all spoke about what students can do to improve their chances for employment. 

“Good communication, interpersonal skill, following through detail, leadership and technical expertise are some of the most important skills you will need for your future professions,” Herrera said. “These are skills every employer is going to want you to have.”  

He urged students to practice skills and get involved in their community.

“Join clubs and do volunteer work,” he said. “Get an entry-level job or an internship. Challenge yourself and get out of your comfort zone.”

The speakers talked to students individually over a free lunch, and career services staff provided handouts that identify skills where students can improve.

Students are welcome to come into the career services center to ask about different events they can join or jobs that are hiring as well as seek volunteer work, Fennel said.

“No one really teaches you about the ‘real world.’ You kinda just have to figure everything out on your own,” NW student Selina Quach said. “Sometimes, I get caught up in my own time and don’t know what’s going on. It’s good to be informed about these kinds of things.”