Workshop teaches time management to aid student success

By Andrelle Brown/reporter

Being able to just say “no,” along with taking care of yourself first, were two of the most essential points made during a time management workshop.

SE success coach April Lee talked to students Feb. 13 on SE Campus about the resources available to students. The SE Campus’ Coach’s Corner is hosting four workshops this semester.

“At the workshops we have group discussions and students can benefit from other students’ experiences,” she said.

Lee told attendees of the time management workshop that it was important to get seven to eight hours of sleep, while also rising early. She also stressed transforming key tasks into habits and making sure to complete the most important tasks first.

Lee also cautioned against watching too much television, workload, stay organized, focus on a single task at a time, while making sure to exercise and eat a healthy diet.

SE success coach Carlos Avalos presented a January workshop titled “There’s an App for That,” dedicated to informing students about the many different applications they can use to aid them in their course work.

“Using an USB to save your work can be dangerous,” Avalos said. “I recommend Google Drive and G-Mail.”

The third workshop in the series, titled “Breezing Through Finals,” will be presented by Randall Witherspoon in April. Witherspoon, also a member of the Coach’s Corner, will offer tips on preparing properly for finals and how to minimize the stress that finals can bring.

“Study tips for finals give you time to prepare,” Witherspoon said.