TR senate studies spaces, vending machines

By Kirsten Mahon/tr news editor

Representatives of the TR Campus student body spoke out at TRTR Trinity Point March 6.

Senators from each club met with TR student development assistant Eddie Brassart and student development vice president Adrian Rodriguez.

Issues discussed included more vending machines on campus to help feed students during off-peak hours when the café is closed. Senators agreed vending machines should include Scantrons and other school supplies.

Connery Moyer, representing the College Helping Each Student Succeed club (CHESS), said existing machines are often troublesome and take money without dispensing a product. The SGA forwarded a motion to look into finding another company for more reliable machines.

J.J. Shofner, senate chair, introduced suggestions for initiating a regular video blog to help inform students of campus goings-on. He said club officials must give two weeks’ notice for events so students are aware.

A key issue concerned the fluctuating amount of study spaces on TR, which the SGA has worked on since last semester, said Mark Warneke, SGA vice president. Nearly an entire floor of study spaces was zapped last semester with only a few spaces added this semester.

The SGA wants to dedicate a larger area for quiet studying spots. During the winter break, SGA officials identified new spaces and are pushing to move into those areas before the end of the semester, said Bryan Stewart, academic affairs vice president. 

“Part of our study space solution includes additional new furniture,” Stewart said.

Furniture has been added to the math and science wing and the East Fork building. Furniture for TREC, scheduled to have arrived last week, should increase indoor and outdoor spaces.

“With the help of our Student Government Association, we identified over 10 spaces that our district facilities team has reviewed, ranked and is in the process of ordering,” Stewart said. “These spaces will significantly increase our sticky spaces.”

Rodriguez advised senators to speak the language of the faculty members if they wanted to be heard. He assured them the student body shares the power to change with higher-ups because those in power have the same desires as students — to continuously improve the campus.

“Not only do you have my attention, you have the president’s attention, but you have the chancellor’s attention,” he said.

Rodriguez said the chancellor is involved with solving the overflow parking issue.

“You can do it however you want,” he said. “I’m talking about student government empowerment.”