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Movie Review-Megamind

By Joshua Knopp/entertainment editor

Megamind isn’t exactly original, but the film strikes the chord its predecessors were looking for precisely.The animated film follows Megamind (Will Ferrell) in his search for meaning after accidentally destroying his heroic nemesis Metro Man (Brad Pitt).After attempting to take pleasure first in pointless destruction, then in pursuing a relationship with Roxanne (Tina Fey), a frequent kidnapping victim, he attempts to create a new superhero by inserting Metro Man’s DNA into an average citizen (Jonah Hill).

But after romantic rejection, “Tighten” becomes a villain.

For those who just can’t stand Ferrell, don’t be deterred. He was not involved in the writing or directing and wasn’t even the first choice for his role.

Producer Ben Stiller and Robert Downey Jr. both had to turn down the role of Megamind for Ferrell’s voice to hit the microphone (though Stiller still snuck a couple of lines in as Bernard).

Megamind succeeds where a great many films fail — in being a true family film. 

Small children will gawk at the comic visuals. Teens will appreciate the rejection of the superhero stereotypes and the controlling-your-own-destiny subtext.

Adults will appreciate the well-disguised drama between Megamind, Roxanne and Tighten and frequent use of AC/DC, Guns N’ Roses and Ozzy Osbourne.

These layers of approachability make Megamind one of the better films currently in theaters. The script is written such that putting the emphasis on different words could change the entire complexion of the film.

The movie at once is both a light and jolly romp and a dark examination of identity and heartbreak.

Also drawing praise is the voice cast. Even without the expression they are allowed in live-action films, Ferrell, Fey and Hill shine. Pitt, in a surprisingly limited role, brings unique life to his gaudy combination of Superman, Ronald Reagan and Jesus.

Megamind may be the last anyone hears of the animated superhero satire for a long while. Following blockbusters such as Despicable Me and The Incredibles, Megamind doesn’t feel recycled, but is.

The next film in that particular family, unless it comes out a long time down the line, will probably flop and feel stale in comparison to the originals of the genre.

If Megamind weren’t as poignant as it is, staleness would already have set in.

Movies for kids don’t come out very often these days, particularly ones that adults can enjoy just as much. Any film that can accomplish both is worth a good long look.

Final Take: A kids movie that doesn’t need to be slept through

Those who would enjoy it: Mostly everyone

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