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TV Review-Lost

By Sara Pintilie/reporter

As I eagerly await the second half of Lost season three, I have been pondering on the many unanswered questions left swaying in the tropical wind.

I am not going to lie; I am a die-hard fan.

I have been watching the show religiously and even have more knowledge of interworkings of Lost than I probably should.

Though I will stand by the ABC show till the very end, I am faced with a few concerns.

I am wondering if the writers and producer Damon Lindelof are losing sight of the original concept—-–––why the surviving passengers of Flight 93 are on the island.

My answer came in a recent article on It stated the producers are in talks to set the date of the series finale. They are doing this to “take care of a lot of anxiety and questions,” Lindelof said in the Jan. 16 article.

Lindelof wants the show to end after episode 100. According to, Lost has shown 57 episodes so far.

For those not familiar with the show, Lost has a seemingly basic concept, passengers stranded on a strange island.

However, to make the plots more interesting, the writers throw in a delectable mix of intrigue, conspiracy and an illusive smoke monster.

As outrageous as the show sounds, it has something many of the television series today lack, an original, strong storyline, well-developed characters and my personal favorite, the little details meticulously placed in every episode.

The books, objects, colors and even some of the names of the characters have certain meanings pertaining to the show.

It’s not a coincidence John Locke shares the same name as a philosopher or Sawyer was reading Watership Down when the passengers were in turmoil.

Lost, along with the already successful show 24, has become one of the front runners of the new trend in television; serialized TV. Heroes and Prison Break are a couple that have followed suit.

The show returns Feb. 7 and will run uninterrupted for the rest of the season.

Though I believe one of the best episodes for the series aired earlier in season three (the one centered around Mr. Eko), I do hope the season picks up and stops worrying about the whole Jack-Kate-Sawyer debacle.

We get it; they’re important.

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