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Bookstores/vending provide selections for campus students

By Kristina Ayr/reporter

Ever have only a $5 bill and no change or get frustrated when the item you just paid for gets stuck in the vending machine? Have you wanted a snack from the campus bookstore but decided it might be too far from your classes?

Thus, the battle of vending machines versus Bookstore begins.


Bookstore: Students can find a variety of items from books to snacks and drinks. The wide array of items attract many shoppers in between class, and the grab-and-go style lunches available in a refrigerated area in the store draw a lunchtime crowd.

Of course, the Bookstore has every imaginable school supply needed for all kinds of classes.
Vending Machines: Depending on the machine’s location, students can get power drinks, water, fruit drinks or soft drinks. Most of the eating choices are candy, cookies, chips and a few granola bars for healthier eaters.

School supplies are basically limited to a variety of Scantrons, pencils and Bluebooks.

Shopping Habits

Bookstore: Most of the crowds appear between classes or at lunch. Similar to a grocery store, displays “remind” students on their way to check out or in line of other things they might need or want.

Vending Machines Morning and afternoon classes seem to get many students going to the vending machines.

“ I get here at 8 a.m., and the caffeine in a Coke wakes me up,” Billy Key, TCC student, said.


Bookstore:: Again, some items are higher; some are lower. Some chips sell for 75 cents to 99 cents, and students have a wider variety of kinds and sizes; Minute Maid Apple Juice is $1.29.

School supplies are cheaper. For instance, Bluebooks sell for 45 cents, and Scantrons are $1.29. But all items in the store are taxed.

Vending Machines: Some convenience items are a little more expensive, yet some are less expensive because tax is not added to the price. Chips sell for $1; cold drinks, fruit juices and water are $1; power drinks are $2, and candy ranges from 45 cents to $1.25.

Bluebooks are 50 cents while Scantrons range from 35 cents to $1.50. Students can also buy pencils for 35 cents and sticky notes for 75 cents.


Bookstore: Although it has more merchandise, the Bookstore is convenient only if classes are nearby.

Vending Machines The plus side to the vending machines is they are all located in classroom buildings and are in close range. The vending machines are convenient and draw many mid-class shoppers.

Cory Lane, TCC student, said, “I stop to purchase a drink and snack between classes every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.”


Bookstore: The bookstore accepts cash, checks, credit cards and debit cards. An ATM is available outside the store.

Vending Machines Students must have cash, generally $1 bills only and sometimes change only.

School cards

Some colleges such as University of Texas at Dallas, University of North Texas and University of Massachusetts at Amherst have school specific cards that either are refillable debit cards or are connected to a student’s bank account. Vending machines have a place to swipe the card, so more students purchase from vending machines because it is convenient.

“ I think [TCC cards] would be a great idea, “Morgan Mehong, TCC student, said. “Many of us don’t carry our purses or cash with us at all times, and an afternoon snack is great to get you through those 9 a.m. till 2 p.m. days.”

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