Final Goodbye

As the spring semester comes to a close, some of The Collegian staff prepare to say goodbye to the publication for the last time. This page is dedicated to our advisers.

Abbas Ghor, Lead Designer: What a ride it’s been. I’ve learned a lot during my time at The Collegian. I must thank my advisers Stacy Luecker and Chris Whitley, former editor-in-chiefs Jill Bold and Michael Foster-Sanders, and I can’t forget the MVP of 2021, José Romero. I thank him for all the advice and faith in my design work which enabled me to produce some award-winning pieces. I’ve worked through quite a bit of adversity, and still managed to produce some award-winning papers. My stint at The Collegian will be one of my proudest moments ever.

José Romero, Editor-in-Chief: The Collegian has given me an avenue to grow
as a journalist. The advisers and staff have given me a lifetime’s worth of knowledge, and I couldn’t be more grateful. It’s a little somber to think of this
as the last paper I’ll ever do for the publication, especially because of how much working here has meant to me. It feels like a part of my life is about to end, but that’s not entirely a bad thing. The Collegian has allowed for the next chapter to even exist. I cannot express enough how appreciative I am to have been a small part of the paper’s history.

Michael Foster-Sanders, Senior Producer: What a ride. I started at the Collegian in 2017 after getting the foundation for writing under Eddye Gallagher. But under Chris Whitley’s guidance is where I learned how to finesse my words and form my style of writing, which, by the way, won me two critical review awards. I’ve had some great times in the newsroom that helped shape me into the person I’m evolving to be. To all my fellow friends, no, family, that I’ve come to know and cherish in the newsroom, thank you for the memories. I’m excited
to see what everybody does next.

Juan Salinas II, Senior Editor: As the first person to be hired after The Collegian came back from virtual learning, it was rough at first, but it has been a wonderful experience working here. I have learned so much from being thrown into the field than I would have learned from just the classroom. José Romero
and Chris Whitley have been such a tremendous help in my career as a journalist, and I’m lucky to soak in as much knowledge from them as possible. Both have opened so many doors for me.

Austin Folkertsma, Senior Editor: I came out of high school trying to get a job that paid the best, but I quickly discovered I was never satisfied with that. I was sitting in my media writing class one day when my instructor Jocelyn Tatum was like, “The Collegian is hiring, who’s interested?” My hand had never raised so fast. From writing about something José Romero had to unwillingly research to our adviser critiquing us, making me a better writer, this staff has become more
than just co-workers.

Cameron Webster, Campus Editor: I am a bit sad my time at The Collegian
will be a “one and done” scenario, but it has been the most fun semester of college I have had by far. I still do not believe I am even that good at writing,
but if José and Chris say so, I guess I will trust them. Thank you to my Col-
legian co-workers for all of the lessons and amazing conversation. I had a great time working with everyone. The experience has been wonderful, and I am sure I will see some of you in the future.