Halloween celebration gives families chance to unwind

Alfredo Padron

Students, faculty dressed up in costumes to gather and celebrate Halloween with family and friends at South Campus’ Boo at the SSTU Oct. 28.

“This is an opportunity for our campus community to come together,” said Ana Contreras, South student activities coordinator.

She said she loved seeing students bring their kids and families to the event.
This event held activities such as a face-painting station, photo booth, costume contest and a gaming station for students interested in playing “Madden,” a football video game.

Conteras said this is just the second time Boo at the SSTU has been held.
“What we are aiming for is for a community outreach to bring everyone together for a good time,” said Gordon Dean, South student activities staff member.
Dean said something different about this event than other TCC events is the number of people that showed up.
“A lot of students want to excel their academic experience, but we want to provide an experience where they can meet new peers, join clubs and activities that we provide here at our campus,” Dean said.
The winner of the costume contest was selected by the audience. This contest was held for different ages from kids, teens and college students who won gift cards ranging from $75 to $25 for the bookstore.
“This is my first school event in my entire school academic year since I started in 2019, and I’ve actually had a lot of fun meeting new people, and everyone was very welcoming,” South and TR student Arlene Olvera said.
Olvera was the winner of the costume contest for the college students. She dressed as a plague doctor during 17th century Europe.
“I’m really looking forward to using it to get some new merchandise from TCC and also for my scantrons,” she said. “ This event was a very nice experience. It wasn’t really overcrowded and very spaced out because of social distancing.”
This event also had a small train ride for those who wanted to tour South Campus like TCC students who brought their siblings or friends that were interested in attending.
Olvera said that she’s thankful to all the students and the workers who came to the event.
“One thing I liked from the event was being able to ride the train and have a bit of fun touring South Campus in a different way,” South student Maria Garcia said.
Garcia said that one thing she would change from the event is having it earlier than it was, perhaps in the morning or early afternoon.