Series Review: New season of psychological thriller delivers on its premise

Meghan Schilling
campus editor

What would you do for love? Move to a suburban neighborhood with a bunch of rich upper-class families even though you hate preppy people? Hide the past full of your crimes of killing your beloved ex-girlfriends? Find out your wife and the mother of your baby is just as crazy as you and will kill anyone to keep your marriage together? Welcome to the life of Joe and Love Quinn Golberg.

Season three of the Netflix original “You” dropped Oct. 15, and let’s just say the story couldn’t have gotten any better.

Joe started his new life with Love in the suburbs with a new bouncing baby boy. In the delivery room, we find out Joe and Love were expecting a girl.

However, they had a boy, something Joe was not too thrilled about. If anything, it put a huge wedge between Joe and Henry.

Photo courtesy of Netflix
Joe Goldberg and Love Quinn, played by Penn Badgley and Victoria Pedretti, stare out a window. Netflix confirmed that season one is currently in the works.

Even if there is this wedge between Henry and Joe, you see character development with Joe’s character. Joe is trying to put aside his murderous past for Henry, however, Love is destroying any chance of salvation for Joe. Love is murdering, hurting anyone that harms or gets in the way of her family. Which, honestly, is very annoying because I really want to see some redemption for both of their characters.

We get to meet tons of new characters this season that contribute to the story line, but I feel as if some of the characters were kind of pointless. They really didn’t add to the story rather than just help fill a scene. Speaking of character arcs, I did like how we got to see more of Love’s mom and understand her viewpoint after the last season. We also got to see how Love’s mom suspected her of killing her last husband before Joe. It shows that Love’s mom suspects her daughter of being crazy.

This season of “You” was by far the best season Netflix has offered us. It showed how Joe would do when faced with someone exactly like him. We see him outsmart Love, but we also see how Love was a close competitor.

I am disappointed with Love this season because Joe really did try to love her the best he could, but she kept hurting people and it prevented them from living a normal life. The ending leaves tons of questions for season four.

This season is definitely worth binge-watching, and I can’t wait for season four.