Workshop provides tips, advice for couples

By Amanda Alba/reporter

Communication is the key to all successful relationships, a NE Campus counselor told a group of students during a Couples Communication workshop Jan. 24.

Julie Weaver addressed her “top 10 fair fighting rules” and listener/speaker techniques for couples during her session. Weaver is married and said she has been through her fair share of communication issues and couples need to understand no one is perfect, and there are ways to help solve problems.

For example, couples tend to fight or have confrontations in front of others when they should be doing it behind closed doors.

“Choose an appropriate time and place,” she said. “They should also take turns listening and talking to each other because it shows the other person they are being listened to.”

It should be the couple against the problem and not the couple against each other, Weaver said. When talking about what the issue is, it’s best to pay attention and clarify.

“Decide what the issue is you are upset about,” she said. “Always remember to talk about your feelings without blaming.”

NE student Kasie Kristofi said she thought the workshop was useful.

“It really helped a lot because of how she gave examples of her own marriage and relating it to others who are in a relationship,” Kristofi said.

NE student Alex Abdala said the speaker sparked an interest in the way couples should communicate.

“I really liked how she addressed both sides and perspectives when it comes to arguments,” Abdala said.