Tests help to guide students’ future career choices

By Iela Durian/reporter

Millennials increasingly emphasize finding happiness in their careers, getting out of college with less debt and being able to secure a job after college, NW coordinator of Career Services Tracy Williams said. And a new initiative may help them with just that.

Career services has students take four different tests through MyPlan.com.

“Our test is not based on intelligence but about yourself,” said Williams. “What is important to you? What would you be happy with? Let’s help you decide what you enjoy.”

The online tests are based on personality, interests, skills and work values. The tests ask things like whether you’re outgoing or shy. It analyzes the data gathered from the questions and match students with a career they might enjoy based on personality.

“I’ve struggled with finding the right career for me,” NW student Bradley Lopez said. “I think that’s important when it comes to making your decisions because it really motivates you that you can do it. Know what you want to do and love what you do.”

Once students get help, they have a plan, and they’re not worried anymore, Williams said. Alternatively, some students could get into nursing and then realize they don’t enjoy what they’re doing when they enter the classroom.

If students are set on a career they’re not made for but have to do it for other reasons, they have to ask themselves if it’s something they would enjoy learning, Williams said.
Everyday new jobs are created that students are not aware of, and the purpose of career exploration is to introduce students to something new by finding a career match based on the students’ personalities.

Career services highly recommends students to take MyPlan and talk to an adviser because they may not be aware of the other jobs that are out there. Students can be limited when they don’t know.

“Students struggle with finding the right pathways,” NW academic adviser Liz Bradley said.
Students should keep their eyes open and explore before graduation — this makes sense for everyone-employees, employers and the community at large, Williams said.

She emphasized the importance of self-knowledge and how this will contribute to finding a career students will enjoy in the long run and that people should not be unhappy in their careers. It is best to know what you’re capable of, she said.