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Movie Review-Hostel

By Isaiah Smith/reporter

One thing is for sure: if Quentin Tarantino presents something, it’s going to be bloody.

Hostel begs the question, who would ever think to do this stuff?

Released Jan. 6, Hostel was written and directed by Eli Roth. The diabolically crafted film gets a gut reaction from the audience.

Jay Hernandez (Paxton) and Derek Richardson (Josh) star as college buddies backpacking through Europe looking for fun.

This film includes graphic bloody scenes of torture and several scenes with sexual and drug-related content, so those with a weak stomach should leave this film alone.

Those with a stronger stomach will like the film, because the violence isn’t in bad taste. A good solid plot lies behind all the blood.

Roth tells the story well, and no point in the movie drags.

The spectacular cinematography sets the mood … very dark and moody. Of course with Tarantino giving it his stamp of approval, we would expect nothing less.

Also, in the typical vein of Tarantino-approved flicks, the music is great and gets the viewer into the story.

The plot twists and turns the whole way leaving you guessing and on the edge of your seat the whole time.

The overall suspense and horror of it might make it a good date movie because nothing brings two people together like a good scare.

Overall, I’d highly recommend this movie for those who aren’t faint of heart. This is definitely a toe-chopping good time for the whole sick, demented family.

It says something about America that Hostel was No. 1 on opening weekend knocking Narnia out of the top spot. So apparently the only thing more popular than C.S. Lewis is blood, torture and suspense.

Do I smell an Oscar? No, but as with most everything Tarantino puts his name on, it’s destined to be a cult classic. Hostel will be around for years to come.

No one who sits through the screening will look at a drill the same way again, and those who say this is their favorite movie, well let’s just say, watch your back.

Good story, good acting and plenty of torture—everyone should see this film at least once if for no other reason than to get a good look at what torture really looks like to expand your mind and twist your brain a little bit.

Also worth mentioning is that there is a small nod to Pulp Fiction at one point. Keep your eyes peeled for it since any true Tarantino fans would be mad if they missed it.

I give this film four stars with a warning: viewer discretion is advised. This movie means it when it says rated R.

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