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Viewpoint-Washington has yet to receive change

By John Harden/sports editor

The new president’s attempt at bipartisanship isn’t going as smoothly as some once predicted, and it seems change has yet to reach Washington.

The nation suffers from a rising unemployment rate and bankrupt businesses.

And the instability of the economy and Wall Street is causing foreclosures on our street, but President Barack Obama’s attempt at bipartisanship isn’t helping much.

Obama promised to work with the GOP on important decisions, but the scarce bipartisanship echoes the mistakes of the past.

When trying to pass the stimulus bill, finding common ground between the two parties placed the bill and the nation second.

But Obama honored his promise to work with the GOP and started by giving them power to determine the success of the stimulus.

A million jobs may have been lost as a result of the sluggish bipartisanship, and as Republicans and Democrats try to settle their differences, we suffer.

The Democrats have played well with the Republicans and have gone through more than enough negotiations on the stimulus bill — something everyone should be grateful for.

But even then, Washington still seemed to miss the nature and urgency of the bill.

The Democrats negotiate on a bill. The GOP receives what they want and then won’t vote. Why?

Millions of Americans rely on the decisions of Washington, and the quicker they act the better.

Just because only three Republicans supported the bill doesn’t mean the bipartisanship was inadequate. It means Congress is still the same — everyone looking to get what they want.

Historically, when one has the majority, both Republicans and Democrats often try to limit the other by refusing to agree on certain issues.

But with the current economic crisis, that may limit the amount of support the nation receives.

The majority of the nation has faith that Obama and his party can lead the nation, and the GOP needs to acquire the same faith.

On future stimulus plans, the GOP, which acted as a stimulus-bill prevention squad, needs to join Obama and the Democrats to create a true bipartisanship.

Instead of trying to look for a new way to limit each other on future national crises, both the GOP and Democrats need to put the country first and not their wish lists.

Some of the problems the nation faces today are the result of each party’s mistake not to listen to one another.

Whenever a true bipartisanship is obtained, Washington will finally change.

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