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Editorial – Why are we obsessed with rich people?

Mansions. Expensive cars. Lavish clothes. 

Some people tune into E!, VH1, BET, TLC or MTV and binge-watch these reality TV shows featuring the spoils of the rich. Young Hollywood stars live out their unique lifestyles for us to watch at home.

Illustration by Nigel Bellairs/The Collegian
Illustration by Nigel Bellairs/The Collegian

For some people, watching the wealthy on reality TV is entertaining. Some find it motivational. For others, it could be a reminder of their nonexistent wealth.

Like E!’s popular show Keeping up with the Kardashians, society has formulated this family into a multimillion-dollar business through living their private lives on camera, attending glamorous award shows and top-designer fashion shows, etc.

MTV’s My Sweet 16 is another example of rich kids who have the most luxurious birthday parties.

Many of these shows bring in millions of dollars, rarely reflecting any real talent.

Nowadays, many of these young “stars” are landing big breaks on television networks. Using their proclaimed 15 minutes of fame, they go on advertisement gigs, make TV appearances, sign their books and have music careers.

But what is it about this society that finds the rich and famous so intriguing?

It’s obvious millions of television watchers find it entertaining. For them, it could be an escape from the reality of their lives.

Having a bad day could mean coming home to enjoy reality television and binge-watch to forget about that bad day just for a moment.

It’s not hard to believe that many envy the lives of these celebrities. Yet some may find a source of motivation to pursue their goals.

Who wouldn’t want to live the life of the wealthy?

No bills to worry about. Better yet, not having to worry if the next paycheck will be enough for daily living expenses.

To others, it’s a reminder of the true reality of their lives. Many, for instance, get depressed or angry.

Some may feel bitter about not living the glamorous life. They have to work twice as hard to even have enough money for next month’s rent.

Perhaps they think, “Why can’t I live this lifestyle?” “Why them and not me?” “Why wasn’t I born into a wealthy family?”

Maybe people should stop thinking and wondering what life would be if they were living wealthy, whether they find it intriguing and entertaining, motivational or feel unhappy about it.

Society puts too much interest in materialism. Why does it matter who has the most expensive and latest cars, latest designer clothes and the biggest houses?

There is more to life than just sitting in front of the TV wishing to walk in other people’s shoes, people none of us know personally, people who put on a face for the camera.

People should find the real happiness in their lives, who they are and where they came from — things that matter.

People should stop wanting to be too much like somebody else.

Instead, they should be themselves.

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