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Sleuthing runs in Enola Holmes’ blood

Maddy Remington
campus editor

Photos courtesy Netflix
Enola, played by Milly Bobby Brown, and Viscount Tewkeseury, played by Louis Partridge, glance through the newspaper to look for clues from Enola’s mother, Eudoria.

“Enola Holmes” is a fascinating story about a girl finding her independence by solving a complicated mystery filled with many twists and turns.

The film rides on the coattails of Sherlock Holmes films as it is about Enola Holmes, the famous detective’s younger sister, who is seemingly very similar to her older brother. 

It’s quite a different spin for the Sherlock Holmes franchise because it’s about Enola’s journey to escape her brothers’ spotlight. Rather than use the Holmes name to open all the doors for her. Enola wants to find her own way in the world.

After waking up to find that her mother, played by Helen Botham Carter, had disappeared, the Holmes brothers, played by Henry Cavill and Sam Claflin, come to investigate and take over the care of their younger sister but Enola has other plans. Her mother left clues behind for her so Enola intends to use them to find where she went. 

She sets off on her mission and in the process comes to find out many complicated reasons as to why her mother left her behind. She also makes the acquaintance of a young lord who is on the run.

Enola is strong and always fights for what she believes in but she also has a cunning detective side to her. She always thinks 10 steps ahead of her peers and that’s what makes her so successful in her venture into the outside world.

Like most Sherlock Holmes movies, the editing is quirky and engaging. The editors use a scrapbook-style introduction to give the audience background on the characters and the story before hurling into the investigation sequence. The clues and hints are embedded beautifully and the flashbacks make the audience more invested in solving the mystery. 

Milly Bobby Brown makes her producing debut in Netflix’s new film “Enola
Holmes”. She is the sibling of the world’s most famous detective Sherlock Holmes.

The way in which Enola breaks the fourth wall at times is unexpected but it shows an interesting perspective. This direct line to the main character also gives the audience insight into her thoughts throughout the events as they take place.

Milly Bobby Brown does a remarkable portrayal of Enola by highlighting her authenticity and showcasing her courageous spirit. Notably, this film is also Brown’s producing debut which highlights the depth of her abilities in the film industry.

For Louis Partridge’s first breakthrough role he does an impressive job portraying the young lord and highlighting different sides of Brown’s character through the duo’s friendship and banter.  Cavill, Claflin and Carter are some of the other actors showcased in this remarkable casting line-up. Most notably, Claflin’s portrayal of Mycroft is impressive and the audience can tell how he dives deep into the psychotic nature of his character for the role. 

The cinematography is intense with shots that establish the scenes perfectly and make the film more engaging for the audience. The action scenes are done nicely with the sound effects adding suspense to the fast-paced nature of the film.

This film really parallels what’s going on in the world right now by showcasing the oppression of progressive ideals to keep the same old status quo. It impressively tackles current themes of patriarchy, reform, and feminism through an 1800’s storyline.

Not only do the 1800’s London set and costume design look genuine but they make the film a lot more believable. The design elements of the film are done better than most with lots of special attention given to details.

The small moments really make the difference in this fast-paced film. With all the clues throughout the investigation being displayed in the tiniest of details. The world games and deciphering are a great example of this intriguing element, showcasing how everything may not be what it seems at first glance.

“Enola Holmes” is an impressive example of how movies can be more than just action – they can have deeper meanings that resonate with audiences while still keeping that family-friendly humorous tone. Sherlock Holmes’ fans better watch out because Enola is here to steal the spotlight in the franchise.

Perhaps we can all take a lesson from this film as it makes it abundantly clear that the world needs changing and the future is up to us.

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