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Girl is no longer just a noun, its an adjective too

Baran Lotfollahi/Unsplash

managing editor

The word “girl” is no longer a noun. Thanks to TikTok, it’s an adjective and a verb too.  

Women on TikTok have gathered and coined several phrases to explain how we rationalize certain ideas. Most notably “girl math” and “girl money.” For example, “girl money” means that buying something in cash doesn’t cost anything because it doesn’t come out of your checking account. 

It’s definitely not precise, or fiscally responsible. But to me and many girls, it makes complete sense. 

I don’t think twice about walking out of Sephora with a $30 concealer. But as soon as it comes down to buying groceries, suddenly $20 is an arm and a freshly waxed leg. 

Though girl is a gendered word, using girl doesn’t necessarily mean the individual completing the action is a girl. I’ve known many guys who can and are capable of girl.  

But to girl is not to be forced. You either got it or you don’t.  

Unlike other trends, guys can’t just slap on a pearl necklace to appeal to the “female gaze.” No, being girl is innate. It’s primal even.  

True girl cannot be faked.  

A lot of things that are girl aren’t as lighthearted, like carrying pepper spray. However, girl always finds a way. Yes, we have to carry pepper spray. Why not bedazzle it while we’re at it? Safety and style are not mutually exclusive. 

With the “Barbie” movie, we given the ultimate girl content. Not only was it nurturing for many girls and women to witness feminism in this format, the culture created around the movie was so heartwarming. 

Walking out the theater with my friends, we waved to every girl wearing pink and greeted them with a cheery “Hi Barbie.” Seeing women and girls of all ages alike dressed in pink was emotional in and of it itself.  

Though it’s silly, girl math and “Barbie” makes me feel so lucky to have a place inside of girlhood. The community you have and the immediate comradery I can feel with another woman is unmatched. 

My female friendships are something I have come to depend on and hold dear to my heart. No matter what my friends do, I wholeheartedly support women’s rights and wrongs.  

Embracing the girly things in life with genuine female friendships is an experience like no other. Who else can I go to when I need to know if an event is for standing up or sitting down jeans? 

Don’t get me wrong, I love and appreciate all my male friendships too. I have made a commitment to myself to surround myself with Allans instead of Kens. The Allans in my life know how to girl, and it’s truly all I can ask of them. 

Strive to do something girl today. I’m sure it’ll make you feel better. 

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