Workshop covers different learning styles

By Reginald Rutledge/reporter

One’s study habits impact the ability to properly learn, TR academic advisor Christina Martinez told students April 19.

Martinez went over the importance of tuning up one’s study habits. One point Martinez expressed is how knowing what type of learner someone is would better help to improve study skills. To figure this out, Martinez had the students participate in a V.A.R.K. (Visual, Auditory, Reading/Writing, Kinesthetic), a 10-minute assessment that helps students better comprehend the types of learning that appeal to their own personal traits. After students finished the assessment, Martinez broke down the presentation into elements of “how students learned,” “the best ways to study” and “careers that come natural” for each individual category of learner.

“Sometimes, students have two primary areas, and they can work together,” she said.

Martinez then elaborated on learning to compensate for the shortcomings of each category and encouraged students to strengthen the categories that fell short. One example she used was to encourage people of an auditory learning format to form study groups to better hear and mentally visualize multiple sources of information from their desired subjects.

Finally, Martinez broke down learners into two representative environmental categories. People who preferred learning closer to nature in an outdoor or open environment were dubbed “outside learners” while people who preferred a more secluded and introverted style of learning within a small or quiet area were dubbed “indoor learners.”

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