Comida, y Cultura

Vanessa Johnson

The Hispanic and Latinx community shared a feeling of pride and nostalgia among each other during an evening of Cine, Comida y Cultura Oct. 7 on NE Campus. 

The evening started with the season finale of The Baker and the Beauty during which everyone ate Cuban sandwiches and bread pudding. The show was decided on during a committee meeting when one of the members, Carolina Saleh, a NE academic adviser, proposed the idea. Saleh spoke with excitement about the series, saying she chose the show because of the Latinx representation. She said the show’s cast members were 98% Latinx, and they were all shown in a positive way. Saleh also wanted a “feel-good family movie.” 

The food also was chosen in connection with the show. NE counselor Lilian Mabry said Cuban sandwiches are mostly found in bakeries. The show follows a Cuban family and their lives outside of the family. Mabry said she was glad the show portrayed the “Cuban spirit as upbeat” and put a “positive spin on the culture.” Mabry also stressed that all cultures are important and that she is grateful that we are able to “honor cultural differences.” 

After the show, both Saleh and Mabry asked questions about the show and allowed attendees to give their opinions. The most common answer among the crowd was how much the show represented the Hispanic and Latinx culture. Many people shared how they had similar experiences when they were younger and how they still can relate to the show.  

SE senior office assistant Helen Vindel, who works with student activities, shared how she can relate as a mother with her daughter. Vindel explained how important Hispanic Heritage Month is to her and the importance of teaching her children about her Latinx culture. She said she wants to make sure her children learn Spanish, remain family-oriented and keep with their traditions. Vindel said it is “important to keep what defines us.” 

Not only did this event celebrate Hispanic and Latinx culture, but it also encouraged inclusivity among everyone. Some people who attended were of different ethnicities and spoke about how they could relate with the Hispanic and Latinx culture in some ways.  

The event was organized by a committee led by NE student activities coordinator Cara Walker. While this isn’t Walker’s heritage, she said she always learns something during Hispanic Heritage Month. Learning is one of the outcomes Walker had hoped to achieve with Cine, Comida y Cultura. She wanted to inform students as well as keep them engaged on the subject of Hispanic Heritage Month.